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Windshield Repair

Why is it important to get a windshield chip repaired soon?

Rock chips on windows can easily spread. Even if it is the smallest chip, it can damage and weaken your windshield to the point that you will have to get it replaced which in turn increases the cost. 

How to stop a glass crack from spreading?

If you notice a minor crack in glass, try to use super glue as a temporary fix until you can see a technician for expert review.

Once a rock chip spreads to a crack, there is a good chance that it will spread further. Even changes in weather, like cold and warm fluctuations, can weaken the glass and cause the crack to widen.

To stop the windshield from cracking, get those rock chips repaired as soon as possible from Glacier Glass Ltd.

Windshield Repair Insurance

Most insurance companies including ICBC will repair rock chips free of charge if you have comprehensive coverage regardless of the deductible amount. Please check with your insurance company for more details.

No appointment needed just stop by one of our stores anytime for a professional review.

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